Q: Is there an on-site Sales Office, if so where is it located?

A: Yes… Stop by and see us at our newly opened sales office and model, 4332 Teravista Club Drive, Unit #55 (just through the community gate and to your immediate right).

Q: Who is building The Gardens at Teravista and have they built something like this before?

A: Spicewood Communities has focused on meeting the challenge of nestling condominium communities into existing neighborhoods while maintaining the serenity and integrity of those environs. Because each of our communities is designed to compliment the feel of surrounding areas, no two Spicewood Residential projects are exactly alike; however, if you like to see examples of other projects, visit www.bluffsatbalcones.com.

Q: If I purchase a garden home, how involved do I get to be in the interior design options?

A: The Gardens at Teravista is not a completely custom built community, but we do offer a wide variety of interior selections (as both standards and upgrades). As we know this process can be overwhelming, we also provide 6 hours of free consultation with a licensed interior designer at our private design center. After all, we want very much for your next home to be your dream home!!!

Q: What are the HOA dues and what do they cover?

A: The monthly HOA dues, which include dues to the Gardens at Teravista Owners Association and the Teravista Community Association, are currently $166 ($122 for Gardens at Teravista and $46.69 for Teravista Master Association). Gardens at Teravista Owners Association dues cover the following, making your new lifestyle almost maintenance-free (Leave the mowing to us!):

Teravista Community Association dues cover:

Q: Is there a limitation on the amount of condominiums that investors can purchase?

A: We only sell to first or second home owners intending to use the property as a residence.

Q: How many different floor plans do you offer?

A: We offer eight distinctive floor plans.

Q: Do you have any single story units?

A: 5 out of 8 floor plans are single story, and every residence at The Gardens at Teravista has a downstairs master bedroom.

Q: What outside amenities does Teravista have?

A: Teravista offers extensive walking/biking trails, two communities pools, numerous recreational areas, and a Troon managed, award-winning 18-hole golf course.

Q: Do you offer backyards and will they be fenced?

A: We do not have traditional fenced backyards… however, the intimate private courtyards, each appointed with an outdoor fireplace, that you will find at The Gardens at Teravista are even better!!! What will you put in yours? A hot tub, a serene fountain, a grill and patio furniture… the possibilities are endless.

Q: Is the community gated?

A: Yes!

Q: How far away is downtown Austin?

A: With the recent opening of Tollways 45 and 130, downtown Austin and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport are just a short drive away.

Q: How may I receive a brochure or additional marketing material?

A: We are very glad you asked! To receive a brochure and additional marketing material, or to schedule a visit to The Gardens at Teravista, call (512) 628-1200.

Q: What am I responsible for as the owner of a Garden home at The Gardens at Teravista?

A: Garden home ownership includes maintenance of landscaping and irrigation inside the private courtyard fence, maintenance of all aspects of the interior of the garden home, homeowners insurance, contents insurance, any exterior maintenance/replacement costs not covered by the HOA, electricity, water, phone, cable/cable modem, sewer and trash utilities, real estate taxes, payment of the monthly HOA fee.

Q: Why would I choose to buy a garden home instead of a single family home?

A: Garden home ownership is all about a relaxed lifestyle. With exterior building and lawn maintenance taken care of for you, you are free to come and go as you please without the responsibility of single-family buyers. Additionally, garden home ownership sets you apart. We pride ourselves in appointing our garden homes with standard packages that exceed the status quo… If you want quality upscale living at reasonable prices, then you've found a home at The Gardens at Teravista!

Q: What are some of the standard features included in a garden home at The Gardens at Teravista?

A: As we mentioned, many of our standard features are considered upgrades at other communities:

Q: Is there an Architectural Review Committee?

A: Yes. Article 10 of the Declaration delineates the approval process (through the Master and Garden Home Association) for all changes, additions or alterations to any exterior portion of the lots and garden homes. This is intended to preserve the character of the design of the Gardens at Teravista

Q: Are there special rules and regulations that affect the garden homes?

A: Generally, there are four major documents that govern associations. Each document has a different purpose that is typically, as follows:

The Declaration
The Declaration governs the real estate forming the Association. Generally, the Declaration contains assessment provisions, real estate definitions, maintenance obligations and other information. This is the primary document establishing the Association and subjecting the land to Association governance.

Certificate of Formation
The Certificate of Formation is filed with the Texas Secretary of State to form the Association. The certificate defines and establishes the non-profit corporation and often contains powers and duties relating to the Association.

The Bylaws are the operational guidelines controlling the Association. The Bylaws typically contain guidelines concerning meeting notices, quorums and voting and other operational issues. The Bylaws also define the Board and the roles of officers and directors of the Association.

Rules and Regulations
Rules and regulations are generally specific guidelines and policies relating to the day-to-day operation of the Association. Common topics covered by the Rules and Regulations include pet rules, collection policies, storage and property use restrictions, parking and other property issues.

Q: Pets – Can I have a pet alligator that swims in the community amenity pond?

A: Nope, sorry. However, an owner may have two household pets (a list of acceptable pets can be supplied upon request), provided they do not create a nuisance. Dogs must be leashed when in the Gardens at Teravista, outside the owner's private fenced-in courtyard.

Q: What about trash service?

A: The association will contract for regular garbage service for each garden home. The owner will be responsible for paying the monthly assessment.

Q: Can I have a satellite dish or antenna?

A: Written approval from the Architectural Review Committee for a small satellite dish or antenna that is properly screened from the street or neighboring lots may be acquired upon written request to the Architectural Review Committee.

Q: Are medical facilities readily available nearby?

A: Yes. Scott and White and Seton have each constructed new facilities within the last year that are less than a mile away.

Q: Are cable television & internet access available?

A: Yes. All garden homes come cable and internet ready with service provided by Time Warner Cable.

Q: May I modify my home?

A: Yes. Once you own your garden home, you may modify the interior as you wish… Go nuts, be extravagant! Remember, though, that all exterior modifications (including paint and stain) must have written approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

Q: How many parking spaces will be available?

A: Each garden home will have a two-car garage as well as a driveway apron that accommodates two additional cars. No parking is permitted along the curb in the designated fire lane.

Q: Do you have any financing options available for me?

A: We have four experienced preferred lenders waiting to assist you at the dial of a phone or the click of a button. See Sales Team for details.